You can acquire any item both from the 2.0 update and the existing ones. It is a simple process, follow the steps and send us the code obtained via WhatsApp. Payment will be made at the time of delivery:


1.- Enter the catalog by clicking HERE


2.- Choose your language in the world ICON

3.- Add to the shopping cart all the products you want to buy, each item has a price of € 0.10 (So you can calculate how much money the purchase will cost you)

4.- Click on the shopping cart at the top and then click on SUBMIT

5.- The website will give you a code. Copy this code or take a photo and send it to us on WhatsApp, web chat or email.
Whatsapp: +34632949026        E-Mail: Crono2021@gmail.com

In a few minutes we will contact you to ask for your DODO code and make the delivery, you can pay us by Paypal or Bizum.